Loeffing Boulevard Level 8 Succubus

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Loeffing Boulevard Level 8 Succubus

Post by Reyz0rd on Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:56 pm

Hi guys, I am stuck on that level 8 for a couple of days. Tried every formation I found in the internet + forums, but nothing seemed to work for me :C .
Some Info:
Succubus lvl 7, 700 HP, 27 att, 8 def (with items ofc)
Dark Helmet, Heart of Gold, Cute Nurse Outfit, Unicorn wings + gloves(wristbands), Lionheart and scrap metal ring. Fire Blast and footmans spirit is all I got in term of spells.
Archer lvl 4
Ninja lvl 4
Wolf Rider lvl 2
Iron Wheel lvl 3
Priest lvl 3
Mage lvl 3
Shaman lvl 2
Archangel lvl 2
Footman lvl 5
Troll lvl 5
Knight lvl 3
Troll Cyborg lvl 2

So any ideas how to beat? If you think it is impossible, what should I try to improve first to get it done?
Also, do you have any formations for farming with low cost units or no loss at all?
I have one for Whitewaterriver level 6 but thats it, ANY ideas are appreciated!

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