Behemoth Willy versus Samurai set

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Behemoth Willy versus Samurai set

Post by idkagoodname on Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:14 am

I've been farming in fire valley stage 6 in order to get the samurai fragments but I've realized that the only thing worth getting is the Samurai Armor... The Samurai Shoulders lower hp, the Samurai Helmet is practically the same thing, and although the Samurai Braces increases increases defense by one it also lowers hp by 160 compared to Willy's wristbands. The Samurai Naginata is weaker than the Crystal Hammer also. So my question is, is it worth wasting my adventure credits on this or should I farm for the Spaulders of Bashing in City of Evensnow because i already have 5 of those fragments.

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