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United Legions

Post by blessed_empire on Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:23 am

United Legions is a clan created by blessed_empire and Co-Owned by Absurdacus. There are absolutely no requirements but we would prefer you to be level 8+. It was made 6/17/2012. It is not based on power, it is based on fun, loyalty, and uniqueness. It currently has 10 branches with 2 districts [A district is a division of 5 branches each. Guild > District > Branch]. Districts can be owned by clan members, however, it takes at least 2 1/2 months to move up to the required rank to make a district. Though we are an amazing clan we will NOT challenge anyone to any wars, we are a peaceful clan, you don't attack us we don't attack you. We have a website [w.unitedlegionsle.webs.c] you must register to the website to join the United Legions. We are currently losing 15+ members due this rule, but it is indeed mandatory. It allows us to keep track of our members. Now by now your wondering wheres the uniqueness in United Legions? Well, we do a few things none of our members have seen in any other clans. Starting off with our activities, Hero tournaments and War Tournaments. Yeah, I know you have heard of these before, but have you ever been titled a champion over all of your clan for winning them? Well if not, you will be here. We have 1 player champion we track his every win and loss, and if anyone dares to challenge them within 10 wins from him/her, they will receive the title champion of United Legions! But don't think that's it! There is much more to be told! Next up Clan Leader boards, can you make it to the top and surpass all of the levels in United Legions? Sure you can! This feature has been in United Legions since creation and has lead many players to the clan! We have so far never had anyone leave United Legions (Alive) No, just kidding! But seriously no one has ever even thought about leaving United Legions except myself (due to temporary insanity!). Anyway another key feature, Clan Votes! Not only will you be having a blast on our website, you will be running the United Legions! Want a new branch added? Ha no problem all you have to do is send a request to "Vote" and boom! It will be added to the vote list! And eventually all of United Legions will know about your insane ideas! Sounds crazy right? You haven't even heard the best part! Lets say you wanted to join United Legions just to make friends, now instead of you going to the Leader Boards picking out every single member of the United Legions that sound cool (Which is all of them!). You can just head over to United Legions very own chat room (Not really very own we did not design or make it, it is simply a xat Chat room, again we did not make or design it!)! Just for United Legions, you can easily meet new players and friends. That way there is no way you can even think of trying to leave due to boredom!

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Re: United Legions

Post by Camel on Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:32 am

Could I maybe suggest application format and requirements? Would help if someone wanted to join you peepz Wink

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