One Year Later: My Little Empire Saga

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One Year Later: My Little Empire Saga Empty One Year Later: My Little Empire Saga

Hello All,

I've been bored on this forum lately as not much discussion has really been going on, so I decided to write a bit about Little Empire. My experiences, thoughts, strategies, etc to serve as an educational source for newer players. I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way and hopefully this can prevent others from making the same ones I did.

I.) Interlude
I had been looking at "tower defense" type games on the Android app store and came across a game called Little Empire. It looked kind of like the Smurfs Village that I had enjoyed despite that app being vaporware. LE seemed to have fixed a lot of the flaws that the Smurfs game had, making it kind of a phone version of Age of Empires with an MMO twist. As a recovering World of Warcraft player, I was very interested in a relatively time consuming strategy game that didn't require me to sit in front of my PC for hours at a time. LE was the perfect fit. A little devoid of features, but it definitely had potential.

II.) Early Days
I was somewhat cautious at first. I provided an old email address upon registration in case they decided to spam me with emails. I definitely was not interested in spending money on the game. Mojo seemed relatively easy to get with tasks and the initial amount given, so I started spending it whenever I got it. (See the section on mistakes for more about this). I felt pretty powerful with my low level gear and my little army. Arena was annoying because I would lose too many troops for very little gain, but losing troops for big EXP bonuses on tasks seemed worth it. (See the section on mistakes for more about this). The long build times were annoying, but leveling seemed quick. I didn't invade anyone and the "big deal" seemed to be finding people who wouldn't steal valuable gold, crystal and knights from my empire.

III.) Middling Levels
Suddenly gold and crystal wasn't worth anything anymore. They tried to ramp up the costs of building upgrades, but it didn't make a dent in my gold totals. At the same time, mojo started drying up. I had gotten very far ahead on tasks and couldn't beat the ones I was stuck on to get more. I tried getting the two mojo every day to save up for new weapons thinking it would help to have a few more attack power. The game was starting to get frustrating and I wondered why I was still playing. I started playing other similar games but nothing seemed to be as good as LE was, despite my frustration.

Suddenly I discovered arena again. I somehow seemed to be ahead of the curve compared to my arena opponents. The losses that seemed so huge before seemed so little now. The exp wasn't as good as tasks, but sometimes my cyborgs could tank all the way through and I'd have no losses. I discovered other ways to minimize losses in arena too, which I won't discuss here. (If you know what I'm talking about, don't mention it so they don't work around it.)

IV.) Spar and Unit Upgrades
It was patch day! There had been patches before, but I was too out of the loop to notice. I never had made it to level cap so the previous upgrades didn't matter to me. This one did though. Unit upgrades were new and exciting!

It came out right around when I was deciding to use Knights or Cyborgs to tank with. I thought Knights were better because they attacked faster. I dumped as much spar into Knights as I could and upgraded them a few times. (See the section on mistakes... again...) Other upgrades I did mostly were just to finish the tasks associated with them. Life was good.

V.) Spar and Unit Upgrades (Part II)
I realized everything I had done with spar was wrong and bad. Two trolls or a troll and a footman together were better than using a knight. They didn't take up the spot behind with a priest, they were faster to produce and easier to upgrade. I had made a horrible mistake. I started dumping as much spar into footmen and trolls as I could.

Arena got really great as a result. I would lose only 4xtroll and 4xfootman and win nearly every time. I was back on track with leveling!

Somewhere around here was when I got my portal I think. I chose a Behemoth as my second hero (See the section on mistakes. Sigh.) It was cool because it gave me a lot more to do since my portal was in the "fast leveling" stage. I got bored of it quickly though since it was the same thing over and over and didn't seem to help me out much.

VI.) Research, Gems, Adventure Mode and Buying Mojo
It finally happened. I decided I had played the game long enough to buy some mojo. If an xbox game costs $60 and I play it less hours than this, why not? So I spent $20, got mojo and bought Mystical Blast. It was great, my hero could absolutely smash through enemy formations now. When my portal got high enough, I did the same thing there too. Now I was in $40. At some point I decided to drop another $20 and get the mechanical armor set/weapon I think, but don't really remember.

Then it was patch time again. Suddenly there was so much more to do in the game. Adventure mode, with daily resets. Gear was farmable and I was pissed. I had spent a lot of mojo on stuff I could now get for free. Grumble. I hoped I would be able to farm better gear than what I had eventually. Over time, I found out I couldn't, but more on that later.

I had just gotten my spar spending turned around, and now there was so much more to spend on. What to pick among all the options though? I decided survivability was most important. I targeted evasion and unit hp, but also wanted to get the cheap first levels of stuff like dizzy hit. I bought one of each gem with mojo so my hero had a chance to do anything. It was crazy fun. But spar was tight, mojo was tight and I really wasn't sure what I was doing yet.

VII.) Research, Gems, Adventure Mode and Buying Mojo (part II)
I finally got to a high enough level to buy endgame items. I spent $20 plus the saved mojo I had and got the Prince of Blades; it was amazing. I thought I could hack through things quickly before, but now it was completely different. I was a paper tiger though, with little defense and little hp. I got shredded quickly but could do beastly amounts of damage.

Another level and I spent $50 to get the Evil Dragon Heart. Now I felt unbeatable. My hero could solo entire arena formations and win. Exp, mojo and spar starting flowing like water. Auto arena was fantastic. I capped out research in evasion and unit hp, allowing me to push further in adventure. I was mostly farming in adventure though for gems and exp.

A few levels later, around 38, I decided to push to kill the dragon. People kept talking about farming the not for sale gear off of him. I was excited. I found even with my sword and ring I couldn't get through some of the levels without big losses. In an effort to get by, I decided to buy the Glory Set. It was cool but sucked at the same time. I didn't really need the farmable gear anymore now. I got to the dragon, but I mostly just wanted to kill him to say I did it now.

VIII.) The Dragon
A few attempts in I realized I was not going to kill him quickly. Even with all the best gear I still didn't have enough hp, defense and dodge to live for more than a short while. I looked up videos of people soloing him in one attempt in the same gear I had. What was the problem?

They had spent way more money than I did. They had max level agility gems in their gear so they could dodge tons of attacks. I was not going to spend another $200+ to get gems for this one level where I didn't even need the gear. So I ground it out, 8,000 hp at a time until I defeated the beast.

I felt a little defeated. It was a hollow victory. One that was brute forced rather than earned. It was "easy" mode on World of Warcraft all over again.

VIV.) Epilogue
It didn't stop me though. I still like playing. I don't really know what I'm playing "for" anymore though. My goal now is spar and maxing everything out for the sake of maxing. I farm agility gems (1-2 a day) with my adventure attempts. I joined the Shadow Assassins for protection and occasionally chat with them.

I just recently spent 72 spar on a single research upgrade. I imagine what the low level version of myself would have though of dropping that much spar on a +3% chance to stun. Crazy.

I'm hoping they put out a new expansion soon, with something to farm that is actually good, not new gear I have to buy. I'm trying to get my fort to 34/35 so I can buy him new weapons and start farming arena on both characters.

I started two more accounts to pad my castle defense, but it turns out that doesn't really help much. Hoping they change it so you have to kill the whole set of troops before getting to the wall.

Appendix 1 - Mistakes:
I.) Spending Mojo
Don't do it. Save it for end game gear only. No matter how much you think it will help to get that sword that adds +2 attack, it won't. Farm it in adventure mode.

II.) Low Level Arena vs Tasks
Go for arena at low level. The exp might not seem like much, but you need those easy tasks to get over the hump at higher levels. Farm arena as much as you can, as long as you can before going after tasks.

III.) Low Level Spar
Spend on footmen and trolls, not knights. Knights seem cool but get useless pretty quickly.

IV.) Fort Hero
Pick a fort hero that complements the castle hero. If you have a Berserker or Behemoth as your main, get a Succubus. If you have a Succubus, get a Berserker or Behemoth. It will help in PVP.

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One Year Later: My Little Empire Saga :: Comments


Post on Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:37 am by ApeHeIs

LOL I remember a lot of these mistakes on my first account.

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Post on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:50 am by pyrofire

yea i did a mistake too,i should choose succubus for my fort hero,since my main hero is Behemoth...i just wish there is a resetter..

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Post on Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:48 am by Goyobod

Agreed, made a lot of mistakes too, my Hero is Behemoth, just wish I can go back in time and change my fort Hero to Succubus instead of Berserker.

Great post anyway..

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