New "Arcadia" Server Announced!

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New "Arcadia" Server Announced! Empty New "Arcadia" Server Announced!

Post by little empire on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:13 am

Dear Players,

Little Empire has been much-loved by players around the globe since we first went online, and our international server currently hosts over 3 million accounts! With the addition of alliance battles, our servers were just about stretched to the limit. So, to keep things running smoothly for the players who make our game possible, we're adding an additional International server: Arcadia!

To celebrate the new server, all veteran "Troy" players can collect a gift pack containing an amount of spar equal to your current level and mojo in the amount of 5 times your current level. (The pack is only available for two days, so don't be late!)

Little Empire Team
little empire
little empire

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