Little Empire keeps restarting

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Little Empire keeps restarting Empty Little Empire keeps restarting

Post by zsforian on Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:15 am

Hello guys,

I started to play with this awesome game about 4 weeks ago, i am level 14 now, i really like it.

I don't know what happened, since last week game keeps restarting. I can log in, see my territory, get in any building, but when i choose recruit or upgrade or research, game restarts, and i see the Camel Games logo, and push me back to main screen. I cannot even log to global chat - restart. On main srcreen if i push settings or account button also restart. I completely reinstalled the game, but the problem still here. Sad 

Anyone else keeps restarting? Any idea how can i solve this problem?

Thanks for help,

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